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Enhancing Life Skills to Be the Change and Live Our Purpose

We’re pleased to share that RMD Consultants (Pvt) Ltd recently conducted four workshops for 248 Nuns of the Holy Family Congregation – Colombo Chapter. The theme centred on “Enhancing Life Skills to Be the Change and Live Our Purpose.” The sessions covered effective communication, emotional intelligence, community engagement, problem-solving, and creativity. The workshops aimed at empowering holistic development and nurturing growth. Two programmes were conducted in Wennappuwa and others in Kurunegala and Colombo.

Motivating and Inspiring your Team Peercore Nexgen

    Exciting news! RMD Consultants rolled out a program to enhance  management and people skills of the Peercore Nexgen Team. Designed to inspire and motivate your team for better performance, this initiative covers critical knowledge and skills essential for effective leadership. Through a meticulously researched management model, it equips you with a comprehensive checklist and vital people skills for planning, execution, and team empowerment.

     Objectives include mastering effective teamwork, maintaining consistency in management steps, exceptional communication, assertive criticism for productivity improvement, motivation through appreciation, and utilizing coaching for high-performance team development.

    Successful Conclusion of Personal Development Programme – Changos Park View

    We’re pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the 12-week Personal Development Programme for Changos Park View Restaurant staff in Colombo. Throughout the programme, participants achieved the following objectives:

    1. Understood high expectations and introduced to 5S principles.
    2. Transitioned from value to quality-based thinking.
    3. Embraced new roles with a high-gear mindset.
    4. Developed confident communication for credibility.
    5. Practiced professional customer service.
    6. Implemented a 3-step model for assertive behavior.
    7. Uncovered hidden client expectations.
    8. Facilitated creative thinking in teams.
    9. Enhanced collaboration skills.
    10. Adopted a CARE mindset for customer service.
    11. Communicated effectively in tense situations.
    12. Appreciated the importance of teamwork.

    We commend all participants for their dedication and active involvement, confident that these skills will enhance the restaurant’s success.

    Management Training Programme (MTP)  – Sarvodaya District Coordinators

    Twenty-five Sarvodaya District Managers representing all districts in Sri Lanka recently completed the Japanese MTP programme.

     The Japanese Management Training Program (MTP) is a comprehensive 64-hour training program developed jointly by the Japan Industrial Training Association and Nikkeiren International Cooperation Center. It serves as a fundamental license for individuals aspiring to enter management roles.

     The primary objective of the MTP is to instill a scientific approach to management while emphasising respect for humanity and the environment. Participants learn essential skills and principles for effective leadership and organisational management in the VUCA world. These include strategic planning, decision-making, communication, conflict resolution, and team building.

     What sets the MTP apart is its holistic perspective, which considers the economic aspects of management and its social and environmental impacts. Participants are encouraged to manage their organisations in a manner that is both sustainable and socially responsible, taking into account the well-being of employees and the broader community and the preservation of the environment.

     Overall, the Japanese Management Training Program provides participants with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to excel in managerial roles while promoting ethical and sustainable practices in business management.

    Management Training Programme (MTP) – Thema & Connaissance de Ceylan 

    We recently completed the Japanese MTP for 30 Senior Managers of Theme Resorts & Spas (Pvt) Ltd and Connaissance de Ceylan (Pvt) Ltd with 12 half-day sessions. The Japanese MTP Equips Managers with the practical knowledge of Managing Scientifically with respect to Humanity and Mother Nature. The Key areas covered during the workshops are Basics of Management, Improvement and reformation of work,  Management of work, Training and Development of Subordinates, Building relationships of Trust, and Development of Management (Leadership)

    Management Training Programme (MTP)  & Management Development Course (MDC) Award Ceremony – PMF Finance PLC

    Management Training Programme (MTP) – PMF Finance PLC 

    Management Development Course(MDC)- PMF Finance PLC 

    RMD successfully completed the Management Development Course for 25 Divisional and Branch Managers of PMF Finance PLC. The course equips leaders with a new set of tools and best practices in the field of Leadership Development and Talent Development and it aims to create synergy and collaboration within the business.

    Fusion Career Guidance – Kuliyapitiya

    Enhancing Leadership Capacity -Holy Family Animators Colombo Province  

    Team Building Programme  – Andrew the Travel Company 


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